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Pinpointing pathological gamblers by their habits

Pathological Gambling, Problem Gambling, fMRI, Stress response
Peter Liebmann, Human-Friedrich Unterrainer

Therapeutic Effects of Alpha/Theta-Neurofeedback in Male Alcoholics – A Comparison Study

Neurofeedback Alcoholism EEG
Nina Lackner, Human-Friedrich Unterrainer, Christa Neuper -

Pituitary hormone response to naloxone and pain sensitivity in ex-Heroin addicts: a marker for dysregulation of the endogenous opioid system

Pituitary hormone response, Naloxone, Pain sensitivity, Heroin addiction, Endogenous opioid system
Peter Liebmann, Michael Lehhofer -

Spiritualität & Sucht II

Human-Friedrich Unterrainer -

Pathophysiological Stress Response in Substance Dependence: Genetic Markers and Therapeutic Accessibility

Peter Liebmann, Karoline Etschmaier, Human-Friedrich Unterrainer, Sandra Johanna Wallner-Liebmann -