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This study aims at investigating the relationship between Religious/Spiritual Well-Being and indicators of Psychological Well-Being (Global Religiosity, Hierarchy of Needs, Sense of Coherence) and the Big Five personality dimensions (including ‘‘Piety”). Religiosity/spirituality was measured by means of the Multidimensional Inventory for Religious/Spiritual Well-Being which consists of six different subscales dealing with different facets of religiosity and spirituality (e.g. General Religiosity, Forgiveness or Hope). We observed evidence that Religious/Spiritual Well-Being is substantially correlated with different aspects of Psychological Well-Being and personality (e.g. Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness). Taken together, the findings of this study support the idea of a salutogenic function of religiosity/spirituality. In addition, this study provides evidence that religiosity and spirituality may represent important aspects of human personality. We hope that this study contributes to the ongoing discussion concerning the consideration of religiosity/spirituality as an important personality trait in the context of Psychological Well-Being.

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