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The Multidimensional Inventory for Religious/Spiritual Well-Being (MI-RSWB) was originally developed in German language at the University of Graz (Austria). It deals with the different facets of religiosity and spirituality and their link to psychological well-being. The scale makes a differentiation between the immanent and transcendent field and consists of three subscales relating to the immanent area (Hope Immanent, Forgiveness, and Experiences of Sense and Meaning) and three relating to the transcendent one (General Religiosity, Hope Transcendent, and Connectedness). A series of empirical studies carried out in Austria in both clinical and non-clinical settings confirm these factors; correlations to personality traits could also be found. Recently, the MI-RSWB 48 was translated into English, Italian and Russian. Due to various religious and cultural structures, the Italian sample might be of particular interest. So far, samples of students and non-students in the north, middle and south of Italy were asked to participate in the research project. This paper addresses the process of translation and validation of the Italian version, the Inventario Multidimensionale sul Benessere Religioso/Spirituale (IM-BRS 48). The preliminary results of this work-inprogress contribution already reveal interesting first findings.

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