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Background: There is substantial evidence confirming Neuro-feedback as an effective training method with applications in clinical, educational and optimal performance domains. However, a psychodynamically informed NF-approach needs further exploration. Method: A 19-year-old adolescent male, whose first college year was disrupted after a severe bout of polydrug misuse which lasted 18 months, was treated with 11 sessions of psychotherapy that included follow-ups with Neuro-feedback combined with Short-Tem Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Results: Pre/Post-treatment and Follow-up assessment confirmed that levels of psychopathology dropped almost completely to zero, and this was mirrored (I’m not sure what you meant by paralleled here) by EEG learning curves. Conclusion: The combination of psychotherapy with the Neuro-Feedback follow-ups was found to be highly effective. The client learned to cope with feelings of anhedonia and alienation. Furthermore, he did not relapse during the Follow-up phase. Additional randomized-controlled trial research is recommended.

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