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Introduction: There has been a steadily growing interest in religious/spiritual issues in several areas of psychology in recent years. However, progress in this field is being hampered by the lack of reliable and valid measures of assessment for different facets
of religiosity/spirituality. Motivated by our positive experience with the German speaking version of the so-called Multidimensional Inventory for Religious/Spiritual Well-Being, we developed an English-speaking version of this scale (MI-RSWB-E) in order to make it accessible for a broader scientific audience.
Materials and Methods: The MI-RSWB-E was tested and validated in a sample of British college-students (n=400). First, the factor structure and psychometric properties of the MI-RSWB-E were analysed. Dimensions of RSWB-E were also related to
various validation measures such as personality factors and indicators of subjective well-being and mental illness.
Results and Discussion: An in-detailed analysis provided evidence in support of the psychometric quality of the MI-RSWB-E, and the robustness of its proposed six-factor structure. The RSWB-E dimensions were found to be related with personality factors as well as with indicators of subjective well-being and mental illness. In light of these findings the MI-RSWB-E might be considered as a valuable tool in the assessment of different facets of religiosity/spirituality.

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