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The Centre for Integrative Addiction Research (Grüner Kreis Society)

was founded by Alfred Rohrhofer (CEO Grüner Kreis Society)  together with Human-Friedrich Unterrainer, PhD, PsyD (Research worker at the Grüner Kreis Society, University lecturer)  in 2011. The centre is a non-profit research institute, which covers all kinds of addictive disorders. There are existing several cooperations with Universities (Karl-Franzens University Graz, Medical University Graz, Sigmund Freud University Vienna) focusing on different research topics concerning different aspects of addictive diseases as well as treatment and therapy. The surroundings of the Therapeutic community might be conceived as an appropriate area to persue different research questions concerning the development, the course, the treatment as well as the aftercare of addictive diseases. Our current research topics are trauma and addiction as well as gambling addiction. Furthermore by investigating dysfunctional attachment patterns within the setting of a therapeutic community it is possible to obtain new understanding of attachment in general. Furthermore some specific topics like for instance the applicability of Neurofeedback-Training for addictive diseases is investigated. A special research focus is laid on the role of spirituality in patient care. Based on the assumption of a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model of mental health and disease research projects concerning the association between spirituality and addiction are conducted.