Religious/spiritual well-being and locus of control among addicts taking part in long-term therapy

Introduction & Theoretical Background:  The primary objective was to determine whether religious/spiritual well-being shows a relevant association with Rotter´s concept of locus of control (LOC) among a sample of well characterized addiction patients involved in long term therapy. The internal-external locus of control should be taken as a multidimensional construct and concerns expectancies of control, as they may relate to adjustment and clinical improvement.

“Spiritus contra Spiritum?”: Spiritual Well-Being and Depression Among Male Alcohol Dependents in Treatment

There is an ongoing discussion concerning the role of spirituality in alcoholism treatment. The main purpose of this study was to find out more about the spiritual needs among alcohol dependents.Spiritual well-being (SWB) and religious coping (RC) in the context of suicidal/depressive symptoms were investigated twice in 81 wellcharacterized male alcoholic inpatients, pre- and postwithdrawal treatment. Although suicidal/depressive symptoms decreased substantially as a result of the intervention, no changes were found with respect to SWB and RC.