Addiction research in the Grüner Kreis Society


The Center for Integrative Addiction Research (CIAR) was founded in 2011 by Dir. Alfred Rohrhofer and PD DDr. Human-Friedrich Unterrainer. In general it is dedicated to bio-psycho-socially motivated research concerning the development, course and treatment or aftercare of all kinds of addictive diseases.

We are actively cooperating with national and international academic/non-academic project partners. In line with the basic principles of the Therapeutic Community approach, addictive diseases (substance and non-substance related) are mainly conceptualized as the result of inadequate attachment and relationship experiences with early care givers.

Research focus (examples):

Attachment and personality - Neuroscientific methods in addiction treatment (Neurofeedback, MRI) - Problematic and pathological use of new media (mobile phone, Internet)

Priv.Doz. Dr.Dr. habil.mult. Human-Friedrich Unterrainer

Clinical and health psychologist (registered since 2004) and psychotherapist (IGT, TFP; registered since 2009). Habilitation (Venia Docendi) for the entire field of Psychology (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz; 2012), for the field of Theoretical / Experimental Psychiatry (Medical University Graz; 2016) and for the field of Psychology of Religion (University of Vienna; 2021). He works as the scientific director of the Center for Integrative Addiction Research (CIAR) within in the Grüner Kreis Society, Vienna, Austria and as a private docent at the Universities of Graz and Vienna.

Research focus: Substance use disorders, neuroscientific methods in psychotherapy, attachment and personality, spirituality and mental health, questionnaire development.

Human Unterrainer

Affiliated Researchers


Dr. Jürgen Fuchshuber, BSc MSc

Education/Profession: Clinical Psychologist (in training), Postdoc, Social care worker at the Vienna Social Services

Research interests: Substance use disorders, with a focus on psychodynamic and neuroscientific questions, attachment theory, as well as spirituality and psychotherapy research.

Current research topic: The Psychodynamics of Trauma and Addiction (Post Doc project)


Andrea Andorfer, BSc MSc

Education/Profession: Andrea Andorfer, BSc MSc, is a psychologist and doctoral candidate ( at the Medical University of Graz, in the Doctoral School for Lifestyle-Related Diseases. Furthermore, she is currently completing her training as a clinical psychologist and is a lecturer for UNI for LIFE, the continuing education institution of the University of Graz. 

In addition, she is constantly undergoing further education concerning psychiatric and psychological topics as well as Mindfulness and Yin Yoga.

Research interests: Complementary and alternative medical methods of psychosomatic medicine, especially Yoga, spirituality and Mindfulness meditation.

PhD topic: The Influence of Mindful Self-Compassion on Emotion Regulation and Social Functioning in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial (First supervisor: HF Unterrainer)