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Erste Vergleichswerte und faktorielle Struktur des Fragebogens zur Erfassung von seelischem Schmerz nach traumatischen Ereignissen (FESSTE-30) [Questionaire for Assessment of Mental Pain after Traumatic Events (FESSTE-30)]

Flenreiss-Frankl, K., Unterrainer, H.F. & Fuchshuber, J. (2021). Fortschritte der Neurologie – Psychiatrie, published online. doi: 10.1055/a-1681-1835


The Swedish Version of the Multidimensional Inventory for Religious/Spiritual Well-Being: First Results From Swedish Students

Wenzl M., Fuchshuber, J., Podolin-Danner, N., Silani, G., Unterrainer, H.F. (2021). Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 783761.

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Attachment and Therapeutic Alliance in Substance Use Disorders: Initial Findings for Treatment in the Therapeutic Community

Rübig, L.L., Fuchshuber, J., Köldorfer, P., Rinner, A., Fink, A., & Unterrainer, H.F. (2021). Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12, 730876.

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Religiös-spirituelles Befinden und Abhängigkeit bei polytoxikomanen Patienten [Religious-Spiritual Well-Being and Addiction in Polytoxicomanic Patients]

Erbler, M., Neubert, J., Unterrainer, H. F., & Vorstius, C. (2021). Sucht, 67 (3), 143-150.
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Kreativität und Psychopathologie. Ein Überblick [Creativity and Psychopathology. A Review]

Rominger, C., Unterrainer, H.F., Benedek, M., Papousek, I., Weiss, E.M., Perchtold-Stefan. C. M., & Fink. A. (2021). Rausch,1/2, 101-109.


The development of a multidimensional inventory for the assessment of mental pain (FESSTE 30)

Flenreiss-Frankl, K., & Fuchshuber, J., & Unterrainer, H.F. (2021). Frontiers in Psychology, 656862, 1-11.

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“Test Your Spirituality in One Minute or Less” Structural Validity of the Multidimensional Inventory for Religious/Spiritual Well-Being Short Version (MI-RSWB 12)

Fuchshuber, J., & Unterrainer, H. F. (2021). Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 139.
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Lower cognitive reappraisal capacity is related to impairments in attachment and personality structure in poly-drug use: an fMRI study

Hiebler-Ragger, M., Perchtold-Stefan, C. M., Unterrainer, H. F., Fuchshuber, J., Koschutnig, K., Nausner, L., ... & Fink, A. (2021). Lower cognitive reappraisal capacity is related to impairments in attachment and personality structure in poly-drug use: an fMRI study. Brain Imaging and Behavior, 15, 2187-2198.
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Addiction and Attachment [E-Book]

Lewis, A. J., Unterrainer, H. F., Galbally, M., Schindler, A., eds. (2021). Addiction and Attachment. Lausanne: Frontiers Media S.

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A bifactor model of personality organization

Hörz-Sagstetter, S., Volkert, J., Rentrop, M., Benecke, C., Gremaud-Heitz, D. J., Unterrainer, H. F., ... & Zimmermann, J. (2021). Journal of Personality Assessment, 103(2), 149-160.

Die Beziehung zwischen Trauma, Traumafolgen und Persönlichkeitsstruktur: Eine Mediationsanalyse [The relationship between trauma, consequences of trauma and personality structure: A mediation analysis]

Flenreiss-Frankl, K., Unterrainer, H. F., & Fuchshuber, J. (2021). Zeitschrift für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie, 67, OA3.
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The supervisory relationship from an attachment perspective: Connections to burnout and sense of coherence in health professionals

Hiebler‐Ragger, M., Nausner, L., Blaha, A., Grimmer, K., Korlath, S., Mernyi, M., & Unterrainer, H. F. (2021). Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 28(1), 124-136.
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